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Restoration Colorado Roofing is focused on damage restoration. From simple repairs to huge restoration projects, we can get it all done quickly and precisely. We guarantee the best results, so we ensure all of your roof’s issues are resolved before we leave your home.

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Our Industry-Leading Roofing Services

Detects leaks, cracks, and signs of deterioration with our free and yearly 25-point roof inspection. Let us save you from headaches by identifying hidden problems and preventing costly repairs in the future:

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Have peace of mind that your new roof is properly installed, ensuring comfort and higher cost savings. We have the right expertise and tools for exceptional roof installation.

Hail damages are highly destructive and may not be clearly visible. Restore your roof’s integrity in no time with our fast and reliable hail damage repairs. Our licensed and certified roofers can safeguard your home from further damage and ensure long-term durability.

Navigating insurance claims can be complex and time-consuming, causing frustration and delays in getting necessary repairs. At Restoration Colorado Roofing, our team has over 30 years of combined experience working with residential and commercial insurance companies. 

None of our clients have filed for claims because we do it for them. With our help, expect a stress-free claiming process and the maximum value possible for your project.

Don’t let outdated or damaged interiors downgrade the overall comfort and aesthetics of your home. We can breathe new life into your living space for enhanced functionality and visual appeal.

Coordinating multiple contractors for a project can be overwhelming and may lead to delays and communication issues. Work with us to ensure seamless coordination, timely completion, and clear communication from start to finish.

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Restoration Colorado Roofing takes immense pride in going above and beyond to surpass the expectations of our clients.

Joan K
Joan K
Restoration Colorado Roofing was a great company to work with to restore my home back to its original condition. Even though their company name might imply only “roofing” they are a FULL SERVICE restoration company for both roofing as well as restoring ALL INTERIOR AS WELL AS EXTERIOR damage to your home! A large branch fell from my cottonwood during the May 2022 snowstorm and punched two wholes in my roof, and then snowmelt came through the holes the next day and found its way through my dining room popcorn ceiling. Cecelia of Restoration Colorado took my distress call and arranged for emergency tarping. Rich S. was assigned as my front-line coordinator and was very responsive in coming out to apply an emergency tarp –I remember he even padded the bay window roof edge to prevent damage as he and an assistant carefully removed the offending branch (and all others!) from my roof. He was extremely helpful and professional in coordinating everything with my insurance company, even coming to my home when the adjuster came (I barely had to do anything!). When the disaster team adjuster prepared the claim, he mistakenly included only shingle repair of the actual area of the holes; Rich S. patiently and thoroughly explained (with included pictures) to the insurance company that a simple hole patch could not be guaranteed to never leak and to make a no-leak guarantee the shingles from below the holes all the way to the roof ridge needed to be replace. With his explanation and accompanying pictures, the insurance company approved extension of the claim. Then Rich went “above and beyond” and managed to find matching shingles, when my color had been discontinued for several years! The roofing company he sent out (didn’t get their name) and the crew for ceiling drywall replacement and re texturing/painting of my popcorn ceiling (NOT easy to do! Kudos to M-G Painting!!) were all thorough, and very professional companies. I really do thank Restoration Colorado Roofing's Rich S. for his thoroughness and kindness during this stressful interval. Whenever I had a question or concern, if he was unavailable to immediately answer, he always quickly returned my call or e-mail and even came out on a Saturday to assess my concerns. I’ll ALWAYS contact Restoration Colorado Roofing for my disaster response needs as well as any future standard roofing needs. THANK YOU “RESTORATION COLORADO ROOFING” AND ESPECIALLY RICH S. for your outstanding service!!! p.s. If you look them up on the web make sure you find them as “Restoration Colorado Roofing” based at 1950 Victor Place. With so many companies with “Restoration” in their name, it is easy to get confused.
Lora Hanson
Lora Hanson
Restoration Roofing did an excellent job repairing my damaged tile roof. Their expert came from Denver, arrived on time, and stayed until the job was completed at 7pm. They stayed true to their estimate and did not add any additional charges. I would highly recommend their company.
Justine Albaaj
Justine Albaaj
The gentleman who came to our house was very polite and made sure he gave us clear and concise information. However, when it came to payment there was a bit of confusion on how he could accept it. After a few minutes we finally got it figured out. 10/10 would recommend.
Robin Alires
Robin Alires
This is a top notch company that does what they say and is very reliable and trustworthy. I have referred them to many of my clients and have never had negative feed back. Thank you RCR for doing the right thing every time!
Justin Mackey
Justin Mackey
Cecilia and the folks at Restoration Colorado Roofing are fantastic! They did a roof certification for us in less than 24 hours and saved us a ton on our home insurance. Can't recommend them highly enough!
Dan K
Dan K
Restoration Roofing Colorado did a great job on our hail damaged roof. They inspected it, helped us work with the insurance company on our claim, and did a fast and professional job replacing the roof. I highly recommend them! It is run by a very nice couple, so it's a local, family business. Five stars from me!
Brian W
Brian W
Cecelia and Jeff are great. They were informative the whole way, workers showed up on time and did great work. They handled everything. They went above and beyond when it came to finishing work (painting) after the gutters were installed. Solid company with outstanding customer service!
candice mye
candice mye
I called because I had a wet spot on my ceiling, but we did not know exactly where it was coming from. They where very professional, showed up on time, and identified the problem quickly. Instead of quoting me some huge amount and insisting that it be done that way he tried the simple fix first. Informed me that it may or may not work and if it didn't they would come back out to give me the estimate for the larger fix. I really appreciate a company that dosn't nickel and dime their customers. They have earned my loyalty and if I need roof repairs done they will be my first call!

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